Curtis our Scent Detection Kanine!


Oil Tank Sweep NJ | $225

$225 is our standard rate for a typical Oil tank sweep in NJ. Large properties (i.e. commercial warehouses, industrial centers) are subject to different rates.

→ Providing NJDEP and City Records Search Upon Request

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Introducing Curtis

Curtis is a Scent Detection Canine used in the process of finding underground oil tanks. He has been trained to detect the scent of oil, then follow that scent in order to locate, approximately, the area in which an oil tank may be situated. He is useful in the oil tank sweep process not only because of his innate sense of smell but also because of his small size and stature. Curtis's smaller size allows him to fit into small spaces, such as under a deck or crawl space, in which humans cannot easily fit, thus enabling the discovery of tanks in such places.

Curtis is unparalleled in this line of work, being that he is currently the only canine being used in this industry in New Jersey at this time. Curtis works alongside our team, who benefit from his intelligence and determination in order to get the job done!


100+ Five-Star Reviews

Oil Tank Sweep NJ is now proud to say we hold 105 Five-Star Reviews across all of the main business reappraisal sites such as Google, Yelp, and Genbook. Customers have stated in their reviews that Oil Tank Sweep NJ is “Easy to work with and very Professional...”, “So great about answering questions...”, “Convenient last minute scheduling...”. Check out our reviews to see more of what our clients have to say about OTSNJ. We hope to keep gaining such great reviews from our satisfied customers by continuing to provide only the best services possible.

Oil Tank Sweep NJ Service Location Expansion2018!

Oil Tank Sweep NJ has expanded our service locations! To serve you better, we are now happy to provide our services to you at any location throughout the state of New Jersey. Loyalty from customers like you, has fueled continued growth, allowing us to make our services more convenient and widely available to all. Thank you for your allegiance and support as we continue to prosper.

NJDEP Records Search

Our Sweeps Include

1. Scan of entire property surface area using subsurface detection

2. Visual Inspection of property and inside structure

3. Detailed written Report outlining all findings

* Upon Request NJDEP and City Records Search Performed


Importance of NJDEP and Local File Review

Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC is the only oil tank sweep company in the state offering NJDEP and local File review in addition to our oil tank sweep services. The actual procedure of an oil tank sweep at a typical NJ property will reveal:

1. The Existence of an UST (Underground Storage Tank)

2. The Non Existence of a UST

The NJDEP and Local File Review Goes a step further revealing available documentation on:

1. Oil Tank Installations on property inclding Dates and Inspection Details

2. Oil Tank Removals/Abandonments on property including Dates and Details

3. Reported contamination or environmental issues on the property

Read up on NJDEP oil tank regulations here

Absence of an Oil Tank does not mean Absence of Contamination!

The purpose of having an Oil Tank Sweep done in NJ is to detect the presence of an underground oil tank. The purpose of identifying an underground tank is to avoid the potential of a costly contamination cleanup from a leaking tank. What most home buyers don't know is that thousands of properties in NJ have undergone oil tank removals where the tank leaked and the contamination was never cleaned up. In the state of New Jersey, when the removal of a UST has failed inspection (tank leaked, contamination present) a homeowner is not required to clean up the mess. The certified removal contractor is required to report the issue to the NJDEP. Many Oil Tank Sweep Companies in NJ are offering tank sweep services that only tell half the story. Don't let these companies fool you, Let Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC give you the full report on your property with a proper oil tank sweep and be sure to request the NJDEP and local file review. Read About How an Oil Tank Sweep in NJ can benefit you Here

Step By Step Process: Tank Sweep Video

Same Day Service Available

Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC offers same day service to all of our customers here in NJ. We understand that many of our customers are engaged in real estate transactions that are time sensitive. To provide the best possible service we go above and beyond to accomodate all customer requests for Oil Tank Sweep here in NJ. We do ask that all same day requests be made before noon and we do guarantee next day service if performing an oil tank sweep that particular day is not possible.


What is an Oil Tank Sweep?

An Oil Tank Sweep is an investigation into the existence or non existence of an underground oil tank on a particular property using subsurface detection instruments and visual cues. The process includes a scan of the property to detect the existence of an underground mass and a visual inspection of the property and structures. Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC has performed thousands of sweeps in New Jersey. We offer industry leading equipment and highly trained personnll to ensure that your new home or business is UST (Underground Storage Tank) free!


How is an Oil Tank Sweep Done?

The on site portion of a tank sweep is done through a 2 part process:

1. Subsurface detection scan: Subsurface detection equipment is used to scan the entire surface area of the property. The detection equipment alerts to the presence of underground mass consistent with the size of a UST (underground storage tank). NOTE: This is not conducted with a common metal detector. Common metal detectors lack the depth range needed to perform an oil tank sweep NJ. A suburface detection locator is used by insdustry professionals to peform this task.

2. Visual Inspection: The existence of an underground tank and its associated components leave a trail of evidence around a property. Many times after a tank is gone the associated components such as the piping, tubing, and gauges still remain at the property. An oil tank sweep in NJ requires a technicain with a trained eye, and years of expience to identify the evidence present and decipher the most probable scenario based on all the information gathered during the oil tank sweep.

The NJDEP and Local File Review Goes a step further revealing available documentation on:

1. Oil Tank Installations on property including Dates and Inspection Details

2. Oil Tank Removals/Abandonment on property including Dates and Details

3. Reported contamination or environmental issues on the property


Buying a House?

Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC performs a majority of its oil tank sweeps for individuals involved in the sale of a home or property. A sweep is always recommended for prospective home buyers. Purchasing a home with an underground oil tank is a significant risk. There is no way of determining with 100% certainty the condition of an underground oil tank without removing it from the ground. Horror stories can be found all over the internet of home buyers who purchased real estate in NJ without having an oil tank sweep done only to find that an underground storage tank exists on their property. Tales of $20k - $50k soil remediation projects and seller's forced to let go of their homes for a fraction of what it's worth are littered across the web. No buyer will ever pay market value for a home with a UST. Mortgage Lenders no longer approve loans on properties with underground storage tanks. You can bet that any prospective buyer of your current or future home is going to have an oil tank sweep done before purchase. Yet people are still willing to "Save Money" by opting out of having an oil tank sweep done. Its a risky game that could end up costing you tens of thousands in clean up costs. The Centanni law group composed a brilliant article titled This is what happens when you "save" money on oil tank sweeps" Oil Tank Removal NJ LLC

Conductive Mode | Finding Hidden Tanks

State of The Art Equipment

To ensure that you the customer are receiving the highest quality tank inspection possible we have spared no expense in acquiring the latest in underground storage tank detection instruments. Our underground storage tank detection instrument looks and sounds like it belongs in a sci-fi movie but don't be fooled! This is actually the latest technology in specifically detection UST's. There are a wide variety of instruments that can be used to locate underground metal objects, including underground oil tanks. The issue is that many of these instruments make no discrimination between a large mass or a small mass, they simply sound when detected. Yes many of these instruments are super powerful! The magnetic locator featured in the photo to the left is so powerful it can detect the presence of a nail up to 7 feet underground! But to locate large mass type metallic objects buried underground, Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC uses the Fisher TW-6. This is our weapon of choice for a few reasons. It scans a larger surface area at once in comparison to a CST BERGER or Schonstedt GA-72CD. The Fisher TW-6 has a specific setting to detect underground oil tanks which makes in unique in its class of locators as the only one of its kind. Finally The Fisher TW-6 is not easily set off by small metallic objects, which makes it the perfect tool for a precise focused tank sweep.

Conductive Mode | Finding Hidden Tanks

Realtor or Seller Produce an Old Tank Sweep Report?

It isn't unusual for a realtor or seller to produce an oil tank sweep report that was done at an earlier point in time, possibly when the homeowners bought the home or earlier. Be sure to scrutinize this paperwork and be sure that the oil tank sweep was done by a reputable company and that it was done correctly. In May of 2017 Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC performed sweeps on three separate properties, all of which had Oil Tank Sweep documentation that no oil tanks existed on the referenced property, and Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC located underground Oil Tanks on the premises. There are many properties that we sweep under the same circumstances that do not contain oil tanks, but you as an informed educated buyer must be aware that the following happens everyday here in NJ....

→Unfortunately Many Tank Sweep Providers will accept payment to provide false documentation to aid in the sale of a property

→Oil Tank Sweeps are conducted with improper equipment

→Tank Scans are done that don't cover the entire surface area of the property!

Don't let an improper sweep or false documentation lure you into acquiring a home with an underground oil tank. When it's time to sell your home you can bet that the potential buyers will be conducting their own tank sweep with a trusted oil tank sweep company. Be sure to do your homework and get it done correctly. Taking the word or documentation of the seller could leave you with Tens of Thousands in cleanup costs from a leaking oil tank.


Importance of a File Review

Just this month Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC performed an Oil Tank Sweep in Springfield NJ that yielded a result of no oil tanks found. No vent pipes were located, no fill pipes were located and no oil lines were existing anywhere on the property. After the Oil Tank Sweep an NJDEP file search was done. The file search yielded an active open site remediation case for the target property. That means, contamination from a leaking oil tank currently exists at the property although the tank was removed. If the prospective buyer were to have moved forward with the purchase, he would have been purchasing a major liability. The buyer would have incurred a $30,000+ cleanup cost or be forced to sell his home in the future for a fraction of what he bought it for. Let Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC do your oil tank sweep and ensure that you are getting the correct information on your property!

Step By Step Process: Tank Sweep Video

Oil Tank Sweep 2017

We are proud to announce that in the year 2017 we have launched a statewide program to provide oil tank sweeps to residence of NJ statewide. This far in 2017 we have done Oil Tank Sweep Newark NJ Oil Tank Sweeps in Parsippany NJ Oil Tank Sweeps in Edison NJ and all other counties throughout the state. If you are interested in our tank sweep services NJ let us know! 201-230-0481


Exploratory Dig

Not sure if an Oil Tank Exists in an area that was marked as containing an underground storage tank? Call us at 201-230-0481. We provide exploratory digs in situations that are uncertain. In some cases location and accessibility factors limit the capability of an oil tank sweep company from determining the footprint or identity of an underground metal anomaly. In these situations we perform exploratory digs. An exploratory dig is exactly as it sounds. The area in question is excavated, usually by hand in an effort to confirm the identity of the underground metal anomaly. After the dig is complete a detailed report is generated explaining all findings during the dig. If you are in need of a dig please call 201-230-0481! Here is a great article on Understanding your Oil Tank Sweep Inspection